Poster sectional (USA)


From the collection of Mark Linchner

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Here is a unique 2-sided poster used to promote the newest releases by Led Zeppelin; Mothership and The Song Remains the Same.

This thick stock poster is perforated in sections so that it can be easily separated. The front has the Mothership theater graphic, with Led Zeppelin underneath. This can be divided into two pieces, leaving the Mothership graphic as one piece, and the Led Zeppelin logo as another.

The back of this poster has The Song Remains the Same graphic. Next to the graphic is three individual perforated sections that feature pictures of both new releases.

I feel this is an in-store promotional item and not a complimentary item given to customers. This poster leaves it up to the merchant to keep this piece whole or separate them for various product placement throughout their store,

Mothership was released in the United States on November 13, 2007.


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