Pocket Disc (1969)
4″ flexidisc, Whole Lotta Love (USA)


From the collection of Nick Anderson

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This incredibly rare Pocket Disc features Whole Lotta Love/Living Loving Maid. The Whole Lotta Love edit is unique, clocking in at 3:30; the LP cut is 5:33 and the US single edit is 3:12.

In 1968, Americom Corporation of New York introduced this new music format for singles called the Pocket Disc. This 4″ flexidisc plays at 33⅓ r.p.m. and was packaged with a blue and white cardboard flip jacket.

Pocket discs were sold at counter displays for 49 cents and in vending machines for 50 cents. The vending machines had separate slots for ten different sections and could be stocked with up to 75 copies of each title.




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4″ flexidisc, Whole Lotta Love (USA)”